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Amazingly gifted Violin Maestros Dr. Mysore Manjunath & Mysore Nagaraj, the sons and disciples of renowned violinist Prof.Mahadevappa, were child prodigies who matured quickly to emerge as one of the Top Ranking Violinists in India today. Their exceptional musical talents were first revealed at very tender age of 8 when they stormed in to the music world sweeping all the music lovers & critics off their feet by their extraordinary musical acumen. Acclaimed as child prodigies with astonishing musicianship, Nagaraj and Manjunath matured blossoming as one of the Brilliant and outstandingCarnatic Instrumentalists in the contemporary musical scene.

From child prodigies to trail blazers, captivating audiences & critics, Mysore brothers have created unrivalled record as Star performers in prestigious organizations world over. From Royal Albert Hall to Sydney Opera house, from Common Thread Music festivalinUSA to Federation Square in Melbourne,from World Music Festival inChicago to Esplanade Theatre inSingapore-to -Santa-Fe festival inNew Mexico,Mysore Brothers have enthralled audiences all over the world. The Los Angeles Times warmly noted that they have "crossed over so many boundaries to create Music wonder".

They designed a unique style of violin playing which is a perfect blend of emotive appeal, technical mastery and intellectual sophistication with a strict adherence to the classicism. No surprise that this set a new trend in the art of violin playing with innumerable young violinists aspiring to adopt this style. The substance, creativity and quality of their music are held in the highest regard across the globe.

Nagaraj & Manjunath are one of the youngest musicians to be awarded A-TopRanking. Excelling academically also, Dr.Manjunath holds a Master of Music Degree, securing First rank and 4 Gold medals & has PhD inViolin from the University of Mysore. Currently he is on the faculty at the department of Music, University of Mysore, engaged in research activities. He has the credit of being the First ever-Indian violinist to be invited to perform at the prestigious International Violin conference held in Sandiego& is a regular performer for many years.Nagaraj-Manjunath have repeatedly enthralled audiences in countless reputed organizations in world over including USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, Malaysia, Philippines, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Gulf countries- to name a few.

Violin Concerts of these Maestros have been featured in innumerable Music festivals & conferences all over the world. They havecollaborated with many outstanding musicians from all over the world Including Ned Mcgowan, Priyo, Mark wood, FabrizioCassol, Jai Uttal, Joe Craven, Fred Hamilton, Todd Haaby, Julliannomoderelli, renowned European orchestras - Akamoon, Spenifex, Ictus& etc. Individually their Jugalbandhi concerts with innumerable top Hindustani greats including PandithVishwamohanBhat, V.G.Jog, RonuMajumdar, Dr.N.Rajam, TejendraMajumdar, etc enthralled the audience world over.

Laurels & accolades kept pouring in right from their child hood. They are one of the youngest musicians to be honored with the prestigious RajyothsavaAward by the Government of Karnataka. Mysore brothers received innumerable awards including the Excellence Award from American Institute of Worldculture, Honors from the American Arts council, Best Violinist awards from The Music Academy, Best violinist award from The Indian fine arts society, SangitaNatak Academy Award, Aryabhata Award, Meritorious Award from University of Oklahoma-USA, Chowdiah National Awardby Academy of Music Y.T.Tatachari National Award, Ganakalashree, SangeethSamrat, SangeethRathna , SangithaVidwanmani, GanaVaridhi,TantriVadyaShiromanititle withAsthanaVidwan from Sri KanchiKamakotiPeetam, Pragna Award from ACWS-New delhi,SamskruthiSinchana Award, Rotary Excellence Award & etc.The great sitar player BharathRatnaPandithRavishankar admired and complemented their music and called them the ‘Princes of Mysore’ when he attended the live concert of Mysore Brothers in Sandiego in 2012.

Some of the important Performances also include Music concerts at The Prestigious Sydney Opera House- Australia, Royal Albert Hall- London, Common thread Festival in Oregon, All European Cultural festival in Leicester, Festival of India in London, SAARC summit, Milano Musica in Italy, Royal charity Concert at Putra World trade centre in Kuala Lumpur before the King of Malaysia, World music festival in Chicago,TansenSangitSamaroh in Gwalior, special concert for the President of the Republic of Namibia, Jazzaar Music Festival in Switzerland, Concerts at Theatre da la villa in Paris, Power theatre in Oregon, Santa Fe Music Festival in New Mexico, Federation Square-Melbourne,Congregational hall in Portland,Esplanade Theatre in Singapore,Bozar Contemporary Music Festival in Brussels, World Music special series on BBC and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Innumerable Academic work shops & Presentations at the University of Delaware, University of Wesleyan, Oklahoma University, University of Chicago, University of Iowa, MIT, University of North Texas, University of Osaka-Japan, Texas A & M University , University of North Carolina, The University of Utrecht – School of Arts- Netherland, Griffith University, Australia& Etc.

Mysore Nagaraj &Dr.Manjunath, one of the most visible cultural ambassadors of India, continue to preserve and spread the rich cultural heritage of Indian classical music, in all its glory.
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