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Mysore Nagaraj, Legendary Violin Maestro from the city of Mysore, is the son and disciple of renowned violinist Prof.S.Mahadevappa. Nagaraj was a remarkable child prodigy who matured quickly to emerge as one of the top ranking violinist in India today. His outstanding musical talents were first revealed at very tender age of 8 when he stormed in to the music world sweeping all the music lovers & critics off their feet by his extraordinary musical acumen and technical virtuosity. Nagaraj has carved a niche for himself in the annals of Carnatic classical music as a superb violinist with marvelous imagination and technical versatility.

Trained in a traditional method of music teaching, Mysore Nagaraj mastered an unique style of violin playing designed by his father. This style of violin playing is marked by the strict adherence to the classicism, perfect blend of emotive appeal, technical mastery, intellectual sophistication & is recognized as one of the best in the art of violin playing. With the fidelity to pitch, rhythm and ornamentation, and proper perception of the musical spirit of great composers, Nagaraj could stand out as deeply evolved musicians in Indian classical music.

From child prodigy to trail blazer, captivating audiences & critics, Mysore Nagaraj has created unrivalled record as star performer in prestigious organizations world over. Violinist par excellence, Mysore Nagaraj hails from the princely city of Mysore. His performances feature an extraordinary range of musical expressions from the deepest meditations to astonishing virtuosity with outstanding artistic imagination. As critics admit, his concerts are filled with peace, tranquility and exhilaration-result of superb fingering & bowing techniques creating breathtakingly beautiful melodies. Mysore Nagaraj & his virtuoso young brother Dr. Mysore Manjunath make a formidable violin Duet team. They have collaborated with many outstanding musicians from all over the world & have performed innumerable Jugalbandhi concerts with many Top-ranking artists in the contemporary music today.

Violin Concerts of Mysore Nagaraj have been featured in innumerable Music festivals & conferences all over the world. Mysore Nagaraj has association of many outstanding musicians from all over the world. Mysore brothers have a number of CD albums to their credit. Mysore Nagaraj is A top ranking Musician. His outstanding contribution in the field of Music composing, Documentary preparations etc have brought him more credentials too.

Laurels & accolades kept pouring in right from his childhood. Nagaraj is one of the youngest musicians to be honored with the prestigious Rajyothsav Award by the Government of Karnataka. He received innumerable awards including the Best Violinist awards from The Music Academy and Indian fine arts society, AsthanaVidwanhonour from Sri AvadhuthaDattapeetham&KanchiKamakotiPeetam, Excellence award from American Institute of World culture, honors from the American Arts council, Aarkay, Inc, SangeethaSamrat, SangeethaRathna,Sangitavidwanmani, ThantriVadyaShiromani, Meritorious Award from University of Oklahoma-USA, Tatachari Award, SangeetNatak Academy Award, Prajna award from ACWS-New Delhi, etc.

Some of the unique performances also include Music concerts at Common thread Festival in Oregon, All European Cultural festival in Leicester, Festival of India in London, Royal charity concert in Kuala Lumpur before the King of Malaysia his Excellency Naquiyuddin, concert before His Excellency. Dr. Sam Nujoma, the President of the Republic of Namibia and academic work shops-concerts at the University of Delaware, University of Wesleyan University of Chicago University of Iowa, University of North Texas, University of Osaka Japan, Texas A & M University & university of North Carolina.

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